Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked Board Game Review


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Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked is an expansion that can be used with both Zombicide: Black Plague and Zombicide: Green Horde. While it comes in a normal-sized box, this is actually a smaller expansion than previous ones in the series.

What’s in the Box

No Rest for the Wicked adds three different types of enemies: Spectral Walkers, Undead Rats, and a Z: NRFTWlarge Necromantic Dragon. It includes spawn cards for each enemy, weakness cards that determine how to bring down the Necromantic Dragon, and the reference card for the Ballista, a new siege-type weapon first introduced in Green Horde. There is also a small set of cards that are two-sided. One side is rubble for when the dragon lands on and destroys a building. The other side references the number you roll on a die to determine which direction a survivor is pushed when the dragon lands on his/her zone. There is also a rulebook explaining how each new enemy and the Ballista work, along with the damage they do, and experience you receive for killing the new enemy types.

New Items in Detail and Opinion

Let’s first start with the Spectral Walkers. Their targeting priority is the same as all other walkers for ranged weapons. They only move one space and receive no extra activations if you flip the extra walkersactivation card for walkers. They do one damage, and only need a one damage weapon or more to kill them. What makes them threatening is that they can only be killed by combat spells, vault weapons, dragon fire, and the ballista. Your swords and bows won’t work, and neither will the trebuchet. Since they’re walkers, they’ll block fatties, runners, etc. from being hit until you clear them out.

I love these guys. They definitely add some challenge to the game if they come out early on, especially since you’ll only have one starting spell. Of course, you could use the Ballista, but if you use that too much too early, you’ll enter the yellow spawning level quicker than you may be ready for. The blue color used for the models fits perfectly with their namesake.

Next, we have the rats. These guys will come out on the board in groups of two or more. Since they pick a target zone, they can potentially move in a different direction each time they activate. Also, when you ratsdraw a spawn card for rats, any rats already on the board get a free activation. Because they move two spaces per activation, this means they can catch up to you quickly. However, they can only either move or attack, so even if they are only one space away from a survivor, they would just move into the survivor’s zone. This is unlike runners, where they would move in for one activation, then attack on their second activation.

Overall, these guys are not as threatening as other types of zombies because they can be killed by everything. That being said, you don’t want to take them too lightly because all of a sudden, you’ll have rats surrounding you. The models are cool as each is a group of rats, giving the visual of a swarm. Not as fun as the Spectral Walkers, but still a good addition.

There Be Dragons. Well, A Necromantic Dragon.

Finally, we have the Necromantic Dragon. This thing towers over the map. It will only spawn if the Dragonspawn level is at yellow or higher. No matter which spawn point or room of a building you draw for its spawn card, the dragon will only spawn on the center space of the tile. Any zombies on that tile are instantly killed. Any survivors will either receive two damage or will be pushed to a different space. This is where the card with the dice and directions comes into play. If you roll a one or two, your survivor will stay in the same zone and receive damage. If anything else is rolled, the survivors get pushed one direction up, down, right, or left (N, S, E, or W according to the card).

The dragon doesn’t attack you directly. Instead, it spews out zombies onto the board into your zone. You do this by drawing a spawn card. Luckily for you, they won’t activate this turn.

How do you take this beast out? That’s where the weakness cards come into play. Each time the dragon is spawned, you will draw a card to determine its weakness. While it can always be killed with the ballista, you may be able to use only magic or ranged weapons as alternatives. On top of that, these weapons will need to do at least two damage. After you take it down, you’ll flip a new weakness card the next time it spawns.

This thing is massive and really stands out on the table. The figure takes up about a third of the box in storage, and its wings must be attached and stored separately. When this thing comes into play, you get that feeling that business is about to pick up.

There is one downfall with the Necromantic Dragon, and that is when he spawns, he can crush buildings. If this happens, you’ll put a rubble card out to symbolize that no one can go into this space any longer. What’s bad about this is that if the space contained an objective you need to win, it can destroy the objective, thus causing instant failure of the mission. You can avoid losing an objective token by making a beeline for any objective that’s on a center space of a tile.

However, I still highly enjoy the dragon and it is my favorite part of this expansion. I like that they didn’t go with the expected fire breath for his attack and did something a little different.


Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked is my favorite expansion from all the seasons of Zombicide. When I use it, I always add everything included, even though each new enemy can be added individually. It works with both Black Plague and Green Horde, meaning your survivors can them fight alongside wolves, orcs, and other zombie incarnations. With spectral zombies that force you to find precious spells, rats that swarm, and a giant dragon ready to spew zombies all over, I would recommend anyone that is a fan of Zombicide to pick up this expansion.


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