What Did We Play Monday? A Little Bit of Everything Edition

Pandemic Iberia

In this week’s edition of What Did We Play Monday, we will discuss the games we played over the weekend. We played one old game, Pandemic Iberia; one brand new game, Detective: Modern Crime; and one old game with a new expansion, Paperback Unabridged. Even though we only played a few games, we managed to get in a little bit of everything.

Pandemic Iberia

In this first game of the Pandemic Survival Series, Pandemic Iberia is set in the mid-1800s and has many of the mechanisms of the original Pandemic game that we all know and love. My husband played the Sailor, who improved move actions, and I played the Politician, who can trade cards more easily. We sadly had not played Pandemic Iberia in a few months. Like many gaming folks, our collection keeps increasing, which means even some of our favorite games don’t make it to the table as often as we would like.

Our “special disease” was cholera. Fortunately, we managed to keep cholera, the blue disease, under control for most of the game so it didn’t hamper our play. We did have several outbreaks of the yellow, black, and red diseases; and had we not used the water purification tokens to help stave off additional outbreaks we may have lost the game. Fortunately, we won! We built the hospitals, researched the necessary cures, and saved Iberia even with five epidemic cards in the deck.

Pandemic Iberia Board 3 epis

Detective: Modern Crime

Detective: Modern Crime, is a new game from Ignacy Trzewiczek. My husband and I were very fortunate because the first time we tried this game it was at Dice Tower Convention 2018 with Ignacy. If you are going to learn how to play a game, I highly recommend learning it from a designer. Gaming conventions are a great place for this, but I digress.

On Sunday, we played the first scenario in Detective: Modern Crime, A Man with a Golden Watch. I think this was a great introductory scenario. It offered lots for us to investigate, but it wasn’t so hard that we weren’t able to figure it out. We focused too much on time and not enough on being able to answer all of the questions at the end.

Case 1 of Modern Crime

My husband was satisfied that we solved the case, but I am never happy unless I get the highest score possible. It’s on now Ignacy.


Paperback Unabridged

Another game that we haven’t played in a while is Paperback. We kickstarted the Unabridged expansion and the Hardback follow-on game about a year ago. We have played Hardback many times in the past year and finally decided to give the Unabridged expansion a try on Sunday night. I have to say, I really like the expansion. It adds additional cards for each of the offer row decks, including three-letter cards (e.g., ING, ERS). You also get new starter wild cards with special bonus features and some additional common cards. Do I like the expansion so much because I finally kicked my husband’s butt? Who can say? It could definitely be a factor. I have beaten him in both Paperback and Hardback before, but not as much as he beats me. I do feel that I had an uncommonly good game of Paperback using the Unabridged expansion. He says he was just tired. Try it for yourself and see.

Paperback Unabridged


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