What Did We Play Monday?

scythe board game

Happy Monday everyone! In this week’s edition of What Did You Play Monday, we discuss what we played this past weekend. We played four games: Hardback, Scythe, Dead of Winter, and Baseball Highlights 2045. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.


This is the sequel to Paperback. I really enjoy this game, even though my husband seems to win all the time, so I don’t really know why I keep playing this game. We played two games which he won. This time we busted out the Player Powers cards for extra fun. I like what these add to the game. They almost helped me win. It was close in the second game until he played “planetary” and scored 17 points, putting the game out of reach.



A new addition to our collection. I bought this for my husband for our anniversary, which was this Saturday (awwww). We played this once before with our friend Adam, who has everything available for this game. Our second play was this weekend. Both times my husband won. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I like it. My husband scored over 90 points, which apparently is really good. I expected him to attack me at one point, but he didn’t, which was very surprising because he usually tries to fight everyone in the games we play.


Dead of Winter

We played two scenarios: Home Sweet Home and Find a Cure.

We do not recommend Home Sweet Home for two players as it is impossible, or nearly so, to win with only two players. There are even threads on Boardgamegeek dedicated to the mathematical impossibility of this feat. Sadly, we did not realize that there was no way for the two of us to defeat the requisite number of zombies and place ~18 barricades with only 40 total actions.

We did win the Find a Cure scenario, even with the added difficulty from the crossroads card I decided to keep (my husband objected). This card added that we had to clear the police station, hospital, and gas station of zombies.

In both scenarios, my survivors kept dying while my husband kept finding new survivors. I did get a bunch of guns in the second scenario, so that helped.



Baseball Highlights 2045

In honor of the upcoming World Series, we played this awesome, and unique, baseball game. I played Philadelphia (the greatest team ever) and my husband played Pan Asia.

I won the mini game 2-1 and World Series 4-2, because Philadelphia is clearly the superior team, or maybe it’s just that I’m the superior player. We even had two games go into extra innings.




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