The Best Board Games That We Have Bought Each Other for Christmas

Fave Xmas Game

My husband and I have been married just over four years but have been together for seven. Granted, not all of our Christmases have been board game filled but many have. Some years we have bought each other more games than others. One year we even bought each other the same games. A little elf told me to expect that we will be giving and receiving a lot of game this year! With that, I present to you, our 12 Favorite Board Games of Christmas.


Wife’s List

  1. A Touch of Evil: Dark Gothic
  2. Pandemic the Cure
  3. Ghost Stories
  4. Mansions of Madness
  5. Pandemic: Iberia
  6. Arkham Horror LCG

Our lists are not presented in any particular order. With only six games each, it would be very hard to choose a favorite among six.

Husband’s List

  1. Star Wars Rebellion
  2. Defenders of the Last Stand
  3. King of New York: Power Up
  4. Holiday Fluxx/Monster Fluxx (tied because these are the two games we bought each other the same year)
  5. Alien Artifacts
  6. Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time



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