Our Five Favorite Horror-themed Board Games for Halloween

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Our Five Favorite Horror-themed Board Games

In honor of Halloween, we thought we would share our favorite horror-themed games with you. All of mine are games that either must be played cooperatively or can be played cooperatively. My husband’s list consists of both cooperative games and 1 vs. all games. Our list is a meld of the two. Enjoy!

Her Favorite Horror-themed Board Games

  1. A Touch of Evil. 1-6 heroes fight a variety of monster types trying to take over the town of Shadowbrook in this supernatural game. The game can be played either competitively or cooperatively, but we have only ever played cooperatively because I am a huge coop fan. The base game offers eight different heroes with variable skills to fight off the monsters and their minions. Each monster requires different skills to defeat. This game is very thematic, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the horror genre. It is also one of the few horror games that does not have zombies or Cthulhu – so serious bonus points for originality!
  2. Eldritch Horror. Eldritch Horror is a cooperative board game for 1-8 investigators where you travel the globe collecting clues and battling strange beasts in an attempt to prevent the Ancient Ones (i.e., Cthulhu or his pals) from rising. Although the game says it can be played with eight players, I wouldn’t recommend more than four or five unless you have a lot of time to spare and don’t mind waiting for your turn. (Maybe you like knitting between turns or something. It’s cool. No judgment here.) The game is fun, thematic, and there is plenty of replayability. Also, you don’t need to be a Lovecraft fan to enjoy the game. I’ve only read two or three of his stories and that was after I started playing all the Cthulhu games.
  3. Ghost Stories. For people who like theme, great art, and losing. Often. Seriously, this game is really difficult. It has levels named Nightmare and Hell. Sometimes you do well, and you get about ½-¾ of the way through the game before it really kicks your ass, other times you lose by about turn three. And that’s on the normal level. But somehow the game is still fun. It’s gorgeous and I like a challenge.
  4. Dark Gothic. This is a deck-building game based on A Touch of Evil. Like the board game, the card game can be played either competitively or cooperatively, but I have only ever played it cooperatively. The game plays with 2-6 heroes who are combating villains using variable powers. Heroes can purchase cards using combat, cunning, and spirit. Heroes add cards to their deck to allow them to defeat different villains. I find the game thematic with good artwork. As with the board game, I enjoy the horror genre and the different types of villains.
  5. Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a living card game, or LCG, which means that every few months Fantasy Flight releases a new expansion that you can play to build your set. It also means that if you like this game and want to keep playing, it might make your wallet weep. The game is set in the fictional city of Arkham, part of the Lovecraft universe. You play as one of five classes of investigators: guardian, mystic, rogue, seeker, or survivor. Each class gives the investigator certain abilities, which you can strengthen as you continue through the campaigns. One base set of cards will support game play for two investigators – just barely. If you want to play with four investigators, you will need to buy another set. You can play the scenarios as stand-alone games, or you can play a campaign. I much prefer the campaign style of play. I like leveling up my investigator’s abilities. Some expansions include new investigators and new ability cards. Overall, the game is fun but tough. You can adjust the difficulty level, which is great and also provides for some replayability options.

His Favorite Horror-themed Board Games

  1. Zombicide. 1-6 survivors fight zombies to stay alive in this cooperative game. In the original version, the survivors try to make their way through a zombie-infested town. When the Zcide originalabomination shows up, you’re going to want to run the other way. But where are you going to run to when you’re surrounded by zombies. Just one reason this is my favorite horror game.
  2. The Others. This is a one vs. all style game in which one player takes on the role of one of the seven deadly sins and the other player(s) attempt to protect the city of Haven from sin and corruption. Disgusting looking creatures and the constant sense of dread for the heroes builds on the horror atmosphere that this game oozes.
  3. Eldritch Horror. (see description above) Between creatures from your worst nightmares, condition cards that you desperately don’t want to flip over, and the multiple ways this game can go from bad to worse in an instant easily makes this a top horror pick.
  4. Last Night on Earth. Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game pits 2-6 heroes against brain-eating zombies in a small-town setting. Heroes must work together to search for weapons to fend off the walking dead and dace their town. B-Movie zombie goodness wrapped in an exhilarating board game. With scenarios and characters that strike the right cheesy cord, you’ll be wanting to play this over and over.
  5. Fury of Dracula. Another one vs. all game for 2-5 players. The heroes play as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Dr. John Seward, Lord Arthur Godalming, and Mina Harker searching across Dracula heroesancient Europe to locate the infamous Count Dracula. They must investigate locations and battle Dracula’s minions all while hunting for the Count. Old school horror at its finest. You’re a group of heroes trying to slay Dracula. Trying to find Dracula before his influence takes hold provides as good a rush as any horror game.


Our Favorite Horror-themed Board Games

1. Eldritch Horror. 


2. Zombicide.

Zcide original

3. A Touch of Evil.


4. Ghost Stories.

5. Fury of Dracula.

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