Our Five Favorite Cooperative Board Games

It’s time for another list of our favorite board game things. This time we are bringing you a list of our favorite cooperative games, which are always my favorite games to play. My husband is super competitive, but I would prefer to work together and win as a team (awww).

Her 5 Favorite Co-ops

  1. Pandemic. This is not just my favorite cooperative game; it’s my favorite game ever. You get to play as a medic, a scientist, a researcher, or some other cool job to help rid the globe of diseases. There are three expansions for the base game and multiple spin-offs including two legacy games.
  2. A Touch of Evil. I love horror, especially campy horror. This game has that in spades. You fight monsters like the Necromancer, Unspeakable Horror, the Sunken Seven (dead pirates!), and of course vampires and werewolves. They even have special downloadable print and plays for Christmas.
  3. Gloomhaven. This is a game that I never thought I would like and now I’m stalking the mail carrier waiting for the expansion to arrive. There are so many different scenarios to play, paths to choose, and characters to be and build up. What’s not to love?
  4. Dark Gothic. This is a card game based on A Touch of Evil. It has the same heroes and villains but takes less time and space to set up.
  5. Shadowrun Crossfire. Another game that I shouldn’t love yet I do. It’s not my genre at all. The game is punishingly hard. But for some reason, I love playing it. When you finally get the right combination of cards from the black market deck that you can actually defeat some of the Orcs and Techies, it’s awesome.
A Touch of Evil Tabletop game
Photo from A Touch Of Evil

His 5 Favorite Co-ops

  1. Zombicide. Working together to stop an overwhelming zombie horde is a great experience, even when it doesn’t work out.
  2. Gloomhaven. You need to work together to take out the enemies you face, or you’ll be taken out. Being able to set up another character to use a devastating attack or heal her before she loses her last bit of health is a great feeling.
  3. Defenders of the Last Stand. When you have people high-fiving each other after snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, you know you have a winner.
  4. Pandemic Legacy Season 1. It’ll be hard to forget all that great moments that occurred in this game, and that’s a good thing.
  5. Galaxy Defenders. That moment when the Biotech saves the Marine, who in turn is able to finish off a group of aliens with a grenade thanks to the work that the Hulk did previously to weaken them, allowing your group to claim victory. Yeah, that’s awesome.


Dragon from Zombicide Game
Necromatic Dragon from Zombicide Game

Our Five Favorite Cooperative Games


Pandemic Legacy Season 1


A Touch of Evil

Defenders of the Last Stand


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