Our Five Favorite Competitive Games

Terraforming Mars board game


  1. Star Realms – This space combat game boasts gorgeous artwork on the cards and the ships have cool names like Blob Destroyer, Dreadnaught, War World, and Battle Screecher. I love that you can be on the edge of losing and make a triumphant comeback using Trade Federation cards. I am not a fan, however, when my opponent does this.
  2. The Networks – This game is just plain silly and I love silly games as long as the mechanics work. Life is serious; games should be fun. In The Networks, you try to score the most points by building the best television network, i.e., the one with the best shows, the most talented stars, and the highest revenue ads. The show titles are extremely punny and the game will keep you laughing while you compete.
  3. Terraforming Mars – This is a game that I never thought I would like, but I absolutely love. It’s a strategy, space exploration, and set collection game. I think I like that everyone, for the most part, does her or his own thing – you need to be somewhat aware of what the other players are up to, but not completely focused on it as with some games. I have yet to win when I play with just my husband, which is quite frustrating, but I keep trying.
  4. Tokaido – I like the zenness (if that’s a word) of Tokaido. It’s just a very chill and very pretty set collection game where you spend four days traveling, visiting different places, having encounters, shopping, stopping at spas, and creating pretty panoramas.
  5. Space Base – This is an engine building and dice chucking game. You and your fellow players rely on one another to advance your victory points, gold, and revenue. I prefer the multi-player game to the two-player game, but the two-player game works well.


  1. Star Wars Rebellion – There is a large amount of strategy as your either trying to find and destroy the rebel base or hoping to survive against the might of the empire.
  2. Mythic Battles – Building an army of heroes and monsters and knowing when and how to use them effectively makes this competitive game one of the best.
  3. King of Tokyo/New York – Deciding when to go for points over just trying to destroy the other monsters is not always an easy choice. If you like, forget the points and just have them slug it out.
  4. Terraforming Mars – I enjoy that a game about Mars doesn’t have to rely on the typical sci-fi trope of fighting Martians. It’s a neat experience that feels grounded in reality based on the cards you play that allow you and others to slowly build Mars into a hospitable planet.
  5. 7 Wonders Duel – The card you choose can help you, but it can also free a card that helps your opponent gain the advantage. Do you take that card, or choose another? Just one reason why this game is great.


  1. Terraforming Mars
  2. Star Realms
  3. Merchants and Marauders
  4. 7 Wonders Duel
  5. Space Base


Terraforming Mars board game


Terraforming Mars competitive board game


Terraforming Mars competitive board game with two players

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