Our 10 Favorite Board Games

On our blog, when we list our favorite board games, we will list hers, his, and ours. This way you will get a wife’s perspective, a husband’s perspective, and a couple’s perspective. And with that, here is our first list of favorites…


1. Pandemic (generally, includes the entire Pandemic Family of games). A board game where 2-4 players work together to rid the world of diseases. What could be more fun?

2. A Touch of Evil, The Supernatural Game. 2-8 players protect the town of Shadowbrook and try to defeat assorted demons and monsters. It can be played cooperatively or competitively, but we have only ever played it cooperatively. A must for any horror fan!
3. Gloomhaven. A cooperative, campaign-style, fantasy-based dungeon crawler for 1-4 players.  A game I was not interested in (at all) when my husband first mentioned it to me, and now I am in love with it. I am not a fantasy person, but you don’t need to be to love this game. 
4. Dark Gothic. A deck-building game for 2-6 players set in the A Touch of Evil game series. It can also be played cooperatively or competitively, but we have only ever played it cooperatively.  Dark Gothic is based on A Touch of Evil. It’s a faster way to fight the monsters and villains. 
5. Shadowrun: Crossfire. A brutally hard deck builder for 1-4 players set in the cyberpunk, fantasy Shadowrun world. I can’t really explain why I like this game. The theme isn’t my style and it is punishingly difficult. I just really like it. 
6. Star Realms. A two-player space-combat deck-builder. Great artwork. Fast paced. 
7. The Networks. A competitive game for 1-5 players about building TV networks. Very silly TV networks. With silly stars and even sillier ads. Just generally a fun game. Oh, and did I mention it was silly? 
8. Alchemists. 2-4 players compete as alchemists trying to mix, discover, and publish alchemical theories. This game can be a brain burner but has lots of deduction, which I love. 
9. Ghost Stories. A cooperative game for 1-4 players who represent Taoists trying to protect a town from incarnations of Wu Feng. This game is infamously difficult with beautiful artwork. What could be so hard about a game that has a level called Hell, right? 
10. Shakespeare. 2-4 players assemble a talented troupe including craftsmen and actors while building beautiful sets and costumes. You will recognize the actors and characters. Shakespeare fans will likely enjoy this one. 


1. Zombicide. A cooperative game for 1-6 players in which you work as a team to fend off zombies. You go around and kill zombies, then more zombies show up, then you kill them. What’s not to love?2. Gloomhaven. A cooperative, campaign-style, fantasy-based dungeon crawler for 1-4 players. So much stuff is included with this game, the characters are unique, and the card playing system is innovative.
3. Star Wars: Rebellion. 2-4 players fight as either the Empire or the Rebels by moving ships, commanding troops, and building alliances. This is a cliché reason, but it truly is the Star Wars Original Trilogy in a box.
4. Mythic Battles: Pantheon. 2-4 players choose gods, heroes, and monsters in their fight to collect power shards from ancient Greece. Being able to take control of gods, heroes, and monsters of Greek legend is awesome.
5. Pandemic Legacy Season 1. A cooperative, campaign game for 2-4 players that takes place over 12 “months”. Takes a great game and adds a story that makes you want to keep playing to see what happens next.
6. King of Tokyo/King of New York. A competitive, dice-rolling game for 2-6 monsters, robots, and aliens who fight each other to become the one and only King of Tokyo/New York. If you love classic monster movies like Godzilla, King Kong, Rodan, etc., then this game is for you.
7. Defenders of the Last Stand. 1-5 players cooperatively battle four gangs in a post-nuclear landscape while trying to save humanity. The post-apocalyptic setting is just the icing on the cake for a game with great mechanics, fun gameplay, and character bios and event cards that immerse you in the game world.
8. Galaxy Defenders. 1-5 players fight assorted aliens in this sci-fi co-op game. It’s fun fighting the aliens in this cooperative game. Each alien has different abilities and the marines all have different items, weapons, and skills. Also, it has a great campaign. 
9. The Others. A one vs. all game for 2-5 players where the heroes cooperate to battle the seven deadly sins. The creatures are disgusting, the heroes have cool powers, and there are multiple setups for each scenario, increasing replayability.
10. Merchants and Marauders. 2-4 players act as either merchant captains or pirate (i.e., marauder) captains in the Caribbean. I didn’t really care about pirate-themed games. This one changed my mind.


1. Gloomhaven.
2. Pandemic Legacy Season 1.
3. Zombicide.
4. A Touch of Evil.
5. Star Realms.
6. King of Tokyo.
7. Defenders of the Last Stand.
8. Ghost Stories.
9. Galaxy Defenders.
10. Alchemists.

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