About Us

Hello! Welcome to our blog. We are happy that you decided to stop by. We hope that you will enjoy what you see and read here. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

Our blog showcases games that work well with two players. The games that we review and discuss here are games not limited to two-player only games; they are just games that do not require more than two players to be functional.

So who are we?

We are Nicki and Chris Stevens. We have been together a little over seven years and board gaming together for about 6.5 of those years. We both enjoyed board games as children but did not play them that avidly as adults until we had been dating for several months. In our first blog post, my husband explains how we fell in love with games together.

We live in Oldsmar, FL, which is just outside of Tampa. We are both originally from PA. I grew up outside of Philly (Go Iggles!) and Chris grew up near the Pocono mountains. We have an adorable kitty named Leia and I am sure you will see pictures of her on this blog often. She loves to join in the gaming fun!